Stocking Stuffers - Classroom Christmas Bulletin Board Idea

Christmas High School Bulletin Board Idea
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This bulletin board was featured at, created for a college dorm by resident assistant, LaShae’ Birt. While it works great for the older crowd, we think it can be adapted to fit any classroom this holiday season!

LaShae’ 'stuffed' the stockings with tips and tricks to help students prepare for final exams. This would work great in a high school setting - preparing for exams, standardized tests, even preparing for college! It could also work for the younger set. Use the design to help you update your classroom helpers board. Create an interactive attendance board where students move their name cutouts to a stocking. There are tons of possibilities!

Stocking Stuffers Bulletin Board

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "_____________ [Final Exam, College Prep, etc.] Stocking Stuffers!"
  • Border: Christmas themed border.
  • Decoration: Create stocking cutouts from red card stock or construction paper arranging them around the bulletin board and adding cotton balls to the top for a fun effect. Use paper scraps, glitter glue pens, and other craft embellishments to decorate the stockings {optional}. Find candy cane, ornament, and/or gingerbread men templates online, printing them onto colored card stock and using permanent markers to script your list of tips & tricks, student names, etc. onto them. If creating movable parts - attach the cutouts to the bulletin board with adhesive magnet strips, Velcro dots, or another fastener that allows the pieces to be moved around.
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