Two-Sided Decorations

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2-Sided Decorations Perfect for Hanging from the Ceiling

These decorations are great because they provide color and interest in any classroom from both sides. Two views for the price of one. Not only can you provide more inside your room, you can also see the two-sided window clings from the playground outside the room. These window clings will help you easily decorate both inside and outside.

There are many different subjects and topics to choose from to support subject matter, different seasons, holidays, sports and others. SupplyMe has what youre looking for when it comes to two-sided decorations for your room. Teach manners with Suzys Manners decorations. Or, teach math using the math window clings for addition, subtraction and multiplication. Decorate for the holidays with the Christmas wreath or Easter pictures. And get out the vote in November with Election Time accents; perfect to supplement your history lesson plan. Our national pastime can be illustrated using the Baseball Two-Sided Decoration.

A favorite story-time book by Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat, can be illustrated using a two-sided decorating kit. This kit includes pictures of all the characters occurring in this famous book. You can even supplement your safety lesson plans using two-sided traffic symbols. There are many uses for two-sided decorations, so stock-up today with your favorites.

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