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Color By Coin - Printable Money Worksheet
Janette Lugo (Bayamón, PR)

My students like it very much

Great resource

Easy to use with my special kids

Tracing Worksheets Numbers 1-20!
Clare (Portland, US)
Writing Numbers on the line

I used this with several of my students that can’t seem to remember which way certain numbers are written. The dotted lines gIves each individual guidance when writing each number. I also have them say the number aloud to assist in their hand-eye-ear coordination.

Printable Groundhog Day Coloring Page!
Leslie Littlejohn (Newburgh, US)
Printable Ground Hog Day Coloring Sheet

Easy to download and my students loved it.

This is great practice for letter recognition!

Great practice for our classroom!

So many coloring pages!! You won’t be disappointed!😎.


You're doing great! Anything that can help the kiddos I work with is valued!

Hearts Cutting Worksheet
Elle (Lyndhurst, US)

I found the cut lines on the heart easy to emboss on cardstock, rather than embossing a solid line which is usually uneven for me.

Excellent resource for teaching coins.

eid al-adha & eid al-fitr

There are no ideas or work sheets for Eid al-adha or eid al-fitr. And very little for Hanikah, but a ton for Christmas.

Eureka Peanuts® The Perfect Friend Poster
Laverne Jones (Cordova, US)
Great size and quality!

I love this poster. I was surprised that it was so large. The paper is thick and perfect for framing. I love the positive message. Also I received it so quickly.

Printable Winter Word Search!
Tina Maxwell (Kensington, US)
Snowman wordsearch

Very cute! Good winter morning work.

How Though?

This project is good, but it doesn’t show how I could do it.

Printable Winter Word Search!
Anonymous (Louisville, US)
Winter 24

Grandchild enjoyed the challenge.

Lowercase Letter Tracing Worksheets!
Molly Stout (Grafton, US)

Placing the letters on a line and showing a starting point would be great.

Simple and straightforward

This is a nice tool to use to either introduce cursive letters or use as a practice tool. My only suggestion would be to place the letters on a line and to show a starting point as some students may not understand where to start.

Thanksgiving Themed Alphabetical Order Worksheet!
Celia Alatorre (Los Angeles, US)

A great way to teach or practice ABC order.