The Magic of Crayola Crayons

Crayola crayons have become a mainstay in many homes and schools, not only because of their versatility and variety of styles, but because of their importance in helping children develop fine motor skills, their use as building blocks for reading and writing, and their ability to spur artistic ingenuity.

  • Fine Motor Skills. Even the simplest actions can work to strengthen muscles and motor skills. Coloring with any graphic art tool improves hand muscle function and hand-eye coordination as students strive for accuracy and precision. The development of these fine motor functions is important for performing other activities like lifting objects, typing, etc. as children grow.
  • Building Blocks. In many cases, the simple act of scribbling with crayons on a piece of paper gives children their first interaction with the process and materials that will one day form the basis for reading and writing. In fact, by first learning how to properly grip and control a crayon, most children are able to transfer these same skills when using other tools such as pencils, markers, and pens when learning to write.
  • Artistic Creativity. Coloring is a great way to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings. In fact, children who feel free to create often are more in tune with their emotions and have an easier time expressing them. Additionally, offering moments of unscripted art time can encourage children to find their own inspiration and explore their innate creativity!

Crayola crayons come in several sizes, many colors, and a variety of different quantities and types to suit the needs of your classroom, learning center, or school. To cater to different age groups and skill levels we offer regular sized, large, and jumbo crayons. A pack of jumbo crayons makes a great starter set for small children who are just learning how to grip and control objects. Whether youre looking for classic colors or more exotic shades like "Macaroni & Cheese", our site carries packages of the eight traditional colors, as well as those with as many as 150 varieties, including metallic and glitter crayons!

Crayola also offers special purpose crayons that make a great addition to any classroom. Crayon chunks, twistables, and washable crayons offer a low-mess coloring experience, while crayons made specifically to write on various surfaces including windows, construction paper, or fabric provide a nice addition to the media traditionally available for crayon coloring.

For convenience, all sizes of Crayola crayons can be ordered in "classpacks", featuring between twenty-five and one hundred four individual crayon sets, designed to meet the needs of your classroom. Not looking for Crayola art supplies? SupplyMe also carries an assortment of Prang and Sargent Art crayons as well.

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