Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils - Prang, Crayola, & Sargent Art Colored Pencil Sets

Every art teacher and classroom art supply cabinet needs an extensive selection of graphic art tools to provide children with diverse instruments for creativity and personal expression. Colored pencils can be a great addition for any classroom and age group. Used by younger children, these tools can be less messy than waxy crayons or inky markers and, because of their shape, can help them practice proper writing form. In the hands of older children, this medium can inspire and strengthen a variety of art skills including blending techniques, texturing, gradation, precision, and many more.

To meet your classrooms needs, we offer several different pencil styles. Choose between half-length pencils and traditional sized colored pencils based on your space requirements, planned usage, and student skill level. Color sticks and twistable colored pencils are available for those who like the functionality of these tools, but dont care for the messy shavings left behind after sharpening. We even offer erasable colored pencils that ensure easy correction and clean-up.

For convenience, traditional sized colored pencils can be ordered in "classpacks", featuring between twenty-four and thirty-three individual pre-sharpened pencil sets, designed to meet the needs of your classroom. At SupplyMe you'll find quality name brand colored pencils including Crayola, Prang, and Sargent Art at affordable prices.

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