Craft Sticks

Dont Forget the Craft Sticks

Remember when you were young and how much time you could spend building and creating with pop sickle sticks. Those little wooden sticks provided hours of fun and contentment. There are many projects that can be done using craft sticks, and the number has been increased given the available variety of shapes and colors.

SupplyMe offers an array of craft sticks for your students. There are traditional (pop sickle style) sticks, colored sticks, spoon sticks and people-shaped sticks that are available in a variety of package sizes to meet every craft project. Additionally, we offer doll pins, large clothespins and mini spring clothespins. Wood craft activities boxes and wooden shapes boxes provide a multitude of wooden shapes and sizes to expand the activities that can be undertaken with wooden objects.

A simple, yet fun and useful project for your young students, is building a small storage box using craft sticks. Using glue and layering sticks on top of several sticks lying side by side will create a little wooden box that students can use at home to store keepsakes or give as special gift to mom or dad. Different colored sticks can be used to allow each student to make their box unique. A lid can be made by gluing four slightly smaller sticks in a square to the underside of several sticks lying side by side. This is just one of many simple projects that can be done using craft sticks.

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