Children's Books

From ABC books to beginning readers, a good supply of children's books makes the process of learning to read fun. Classic children's books have entertained children for decades and, in some cases, centuries!

Contemporary popular children's books focus on modern subjects and interest children by drawing them into the story. These children's books appeal to a young one's emerging sense of self. When children relate to the characters in children's books, it awakens both their compassion and a passion for reading.

ABC books teach very young children how to recognize letters and letter sounds in fun ways that often implement rhyming or rhythmic word patterns. Recognizing letters and the sounds they make is the first step in learning to read.

Beginning readers combine simple sentences and story lines that are easy for young readers to comprehend. Beginning readers encourage the skills of word recognition and sounding out words phonetically. Both of these skills are necessary to becoming an avid reader. An underlying lesson in beginning readers is teaching sentence structure and how punctuation and capital letters are used in sentences too!

Provided with a wide variety of children's books and ample time to read, students will quickly progress from one stage of reading to the next.

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