Kids Finger & Hand Puppets

Dramatic play is an extremely important part of early childhood curriculum. Through encounters with play dolls, finger and hand puppets, etc. children learn important skills. By acting out scenes with fellow students, children learn valuable social and problem solving skills. Performing different roles teaches them about the essential skill of perspective taking which will assist them in cultivating relationships with others of diverse backgrounds. Dramatic play also encourages language development and emotional awareness, building blocks for literacy, writing, and mental health.

We offer a variety of different finger and hand puppets for kids to meet your classrooms needs. Bring nursery rhymes and popular kids songs to life with our coordinating puppets including Old MacDonalds Farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and many others. Spice up story time with puppet as characters. We offer a large selection of animal puppets to coordinate with story themes as well as human puppets in several different ethnicities and ages. If youre interested in introducing your students to different career paths, our collection of vocational puppets includes everything from chefs, police officers, and wizards to ballerinas, firefighters and surgeons.

Dont forget the childrens puppet theaters! Provide your students with a simple curtained theater platform or one of our imagination stations that offer fun surfaces including a white board, chalkboard, or flannel panel for your students to customize in preparation for their show. With such a great selection of dramatic play finger and hand puppets, youll be certain to find something that compliments you classroom and educational objectives!

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