About Us

Fall 2020 Family Photo
After using our site, we want you to think, "Wow! That was amazing!"

Hello And Welcome To SupplyMe!

We're the Johnsons - Michael (me), Kayla, Brynley, Gemma, and Paxton - a homeschooling family from northeast Ohio. We have a strong passion for education and we're on a lifelong journey of learning! Thanks for taking the time to visit us today! 

How It All Started...

My family owns several childcare centers in Ohio and we found the internet to be very convenient and efficient for business. Our teachers found great ideas and crafts for teaching on blogs, and we purchased our supplies, furniture, and equipment online.

However, all of these online services became frustrating! Finding ideas and crafts for specific lessons or ages was difficult, and the available online stores were overly complex, had poor product quality, and lacked customer service. So, we thought to ourselves, "We can fix this!"

In 2008, MPM School Supplies was born, with the goal of being a simple and intuitive site where educators can easily find and purchase quality, affordable products. Around the same time, we started MPM Ideas to provide free, easy-to-access resources for teachers and parents. The combination of these sites will help you save time for what really matters… positively affecting the lives of children.

Fast forward to 2018, when our MPM brand transitioned to SupplyMe, a home for all your supply needs as well as fantastic ideas to make the best use of your supplies. Whether you're looking to equip your home, office, or classroom, SupplyMe has you covered!

Each day we strive toward our goal of providing teachers, parents, childcare centers, and entire school systems a simple website that provides all of the quality educational materials and ideas they need to embody our mission: to experience the joy of touching lives!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us. We are the ones who answer your emails, so when you contact us, feel confident knowing the person you speak with cares about your question and has the means to address any issues.

~ The Johnsons