Pretend Food

Kids Pretend Play Toy Food Sets

While it is true that children need structure to learn and thrive, free play is also important for cultivating creativity and imagination. Pretend food and kitchens offer a valuable learning tool for these times of unstructured activity. In most cases, children will begin acting out scenes in which they are most familiar (i.e. a mother pouring her child a bowl of cereal, a father soothing a crying baby, etc.). Not only do these imaginary exercises help children to order the world around them into manageable pieces, but also allows them to learn the important skills of perspective taking, successfully interacting with others, and even hand eye coordination.

At SupplyMe we carry a diverse selection of toy food. Along with the typical fruits and vegetables, meats, and dry goods, introduce your students to world cuisine with our ethnic-inspired pretend food sets. Help your students distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food choices with our U.S.D.A. Food Pyramid based collections. Our convenient themed starter kits, created by Pretend and Play, make it easy to stock your play kitchens with the right props.

Because we know that many parents, teachers, and even schools are operating on limited budgets, we proudly offer Smart Snacks, pretend and play food toys that also double as educational games and activities. Furnish your pretend corner with everything from a cookie jar that strengthens counting skills and cupcakes that inspire shape recognition to pizza fractions and trail mix matching!

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