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Play Baby Dolls

In many cases, a childs first experience with dramatic play involves playing with baby dolls. Dramatic play is important because it helps children to order the big, noisy world around them. In fact, by recreating familiar scenes from their imagination, children begin to make connections, explore the emotions that a certain action may bring up, and make confusing nuances of their world manageable.

To meet the needs of your classroom, SupplyMe offers several different types of dolls. If youre purchasing these pretend play accessories for your infant classroom, we recommend our variety of soft, cloth dolls which will provide your students with a cuddly, comfort toy that also encourages the development of fine motor skills through reaching, grasping, and hugging. These products are also durable, and most importantly, washable!

For teachers wishing to make their students aware of those around them with special needs and inspire compassionate responses toward these individuals, we carry Downs Syndrome dolls, dolls with braces, kids dolls in wheelchairs, blind dolls with companion seeing eye dogs, and many more. To cultivate cultural awareness our selection of play dolls is multi-ethnic featuring Asian, African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, Native American ethnicities, among others.

Dont forget the accessories! At SupplyMe we offer everything from high chairs and cradles, to changing tables, extra outfits, and play living room furniture to complement your doll choices and complete your classroom pretend corner.

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