Bulletin Board Accents & Cut-Outs

Accent Your Bulletin Boards

A fabulous way to utilize your bulletin boards is to use accents to enhance the subject matter. Whether you want to use your bulletin board displays to display a school subject, a time of the year, a specific project or a bright and colorful decoration, accents are a great tool to help you finish the task. These bulletin board accents and bulletin board cut-outs are available in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes and themes.

If your lesson plan is about learning and identifying pigs, cows and horses, the farm animal accent is ideal. How about a fall decoration? The autumn leaves accents will look great among the red and yellow trees, pumpkins and hay ride scenes. If reading is your primary focus, then the accent book is a great piece to add to the bulletin board subject. Other accents like the different colored paw prints, cupcakes, polka dots and racing bears can be used to decorate and be used for counting and color recognition. If you are teaching children about computers, introducing their pieces and parts, then your bulletin board would be very complimentary adorned with the computer accents.

Regardless of the time of year or the subject matter you are teaching, there are probably accents that you can use to decorate your bulletin board. They are a real time saver during your busy days.

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