American Flag Coloring Page - w/ FREE Extension Activities!

Patriotic President's Day American Flag Coloring Page for Kids and Preschool Printable
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We found this cute flag coloring page over at Crayola and thought it offered some great opportunities for learning this President's Day!

Patriotic President's Day Sight Word Preschool Printable
Patriotic Color by Sight Word

{Sight Word Coloring}. Select three focus sight words, inviting your students to follow the key and 'color by sight word'!

Patriotic President's Day Letter Recognition Preschool Printable
Patriotic Letter Find

{Letter Find}. Use the flag as a cute backdrop for a letter find. Print upper and lower case letters all around the drawing, inviting students to find a particular letter {P for President's Day or F for Flag, perhaps} and circle or highlight it.

Patriotic President's Day Puzzle and Preschool Printable
Patriotic Puzzle

{Picture Puzzle}. Use the coloring page to create a puzzle! Super simple to do, divide the picture into strips and add a number to the bottom of each – 1 through 10, 10 through 20, or whatever intervals you're working on. {You could even practice skip counting!} Placing the strips in an envelope, invite students to dump them out and place the pieces in order – revealing the picture!

Of course, you can always have them simply use it as a coloring page – providing them with an example and gauging how well they can follow directions. Color placement/order of stripes is key, after all!

For this versatile printable, be sure to visit Crayola! 

American Flag Coloring Page - w/ FREE Extension Activities!


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