Bright Wishes for the Holidays - Christmas Lights Bulletin Board Idea

Christmas Lights Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Colleen Gallagher

As you're transitioning your classroom decorations from Halloween and harvest, think about creating a bulletin board that will last all through Christmas and into the new year! Featured by Colleen Gallagher at, this vibrant display features Christmas lights, students' holiday wishes, and just the right amount of Christmas cheer!

Bright Wishes Bulletin Board

  • Background: The creator of the board used white bulletin board paper, but you might consider using a light blue or green bulletin board paper just to spice things up even more!
  • Title: "Bright Wishes for the Holidays!" - The bulletin board creator used word processing software to create the title, but you could also use traditional bulletin board letters too!
  • Border: Create a homemade Christmas light border using colored construction paper or card stock and a black permanent marker. Begin by designing a card stock light bulb template. Use this to trace and cut out Christmas lights in assorted colors. Don't forget the small gray connector pieces at the bottom! [NOTE: You might also be able to find a black and white clip-art print online or through your word processing software that can be used to print the light bulb shapes directly onto colored card stock to be cut out.] To resist wear and tear (and ensure that the border can be used over and over!), be sure to laminate the bulbs. To construct the border, use a black permanent marker to draw a curly line around the edge of the display, then staple or tape the bulbs on the "string". You might also consider purchasing pre-made holiday light bulb cutouts, a Christmas lights border, or even stringing up real Christmas lights around the bulletin board!
  • Decoration: Use construction or bulletin board paper in assorted colors to create large light bulb cutouts - one for each student. Have students pen their holiday wish onto a light bulb (younger students will need your assistance), then display the bulbs throughout the holiday season. Depending on the size of your display, you'll have to rotate the bulbs at the beginning of each week until each students' wish has been displayed.

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