Reindeer Games - 6 Bulletin Boards for Christmas!

Reindeer make an adorable theme for Christmas and, when you can add in some extra writing practice to go along with a brilliant bulletin board creation, it's double fun! Check out how these early childhood educators incorporated the lovable Christmas characters into their holiday lessons and decor...

Reindeer Themed Christmas and Winter Bulletin Board Idea
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How To Be A Good Reindeer. Rudolph is taking a vacation! But, before he goes, he needs to leave a note for his replacement, describing what it takes to be a good reindeer. The clever kiddos of Susan Moran's first grade class completed this adorable writing prompt and we think it would make a lovely bulletin board for the holidays! Head on over to Thank God It's First Grade for the full prompt and a link to purchase Susan's writing craftivity template!

Winter and Christmas Writing Bulletin Board Idea
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If I were a reindeer... Terri, first grade teacher and blogger at The First Grade Princess, had her kiddos imagine that they were a reindeer - what they would do, where they would go, who their friends would be, etc. - and complete an adorable craftivity for their hallway bulletin board. It turned out super festive and fun!

Reindeer Themed Winter and Christmas Writing Bulletin Board Idea
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"Rudolph, we want your job!" As a fun winter writing craftivity, Jessica over at Welcome to Room 36 had her kinders complete reindeer applications, telling Santa why they would make a good addition to his sleigh team!

Reindeer Themed Writing Craftivity and Bulletin Board Idea
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If you give a reindeer a root beer... How cute is this prompt?! In the style of Laura Joffe Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, students create their own cause/effect stories, detailing what would happen if you gave a reindeer a root beer! Created by Sarah over at First Grader at Last, we included a picture of the completed bulletin board done by another talented third grade teacher who submitted the design to Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary School Teachers!

Reindeer Writing and Christmas Bulletin Board Idea
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All About Reindeer... Have your kiddos record what they've learned about these lovable Christmas characters by coupling a little nonfiction writing with some reindeer crafting for your bulletin board! Kelli's board matches her theme, but you could always create a similar design using Christmas themed scrapbook paper and a catchy Christmas-inspired title! {Via Castles and Crayons!}

Reindeer Christmas Bulletin Board Idea
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Joy To The World! While this bulletin board doesn't include a fun writing prompt, we thought it was pretty darn cute and would make a fun addition to your reindeer theme! Who can resist those adorable little singing reindeer?!

We hope these inspire some brilliant reindeer decorations! Happy holidays!