Stained Glass Winter Tree Bulletin Board

Winter and Christmas Bulletin Board Idea
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These beautiful stained glass trees from Pam at Back To The Drawing Board were originally designed as part of a greeting card, but we think if you enlarge the scene, it could make a fabulous winter bulletin board design for your classroom!

Stained Glass Winter Tree Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the top third of the bulletin board with sky blue background paper and the bottoms two-thirds with white bulletin board paper to create a 'snow-scape'.
  • Title: "Winter is SNOW Much Fun!", "We Love Winter!", etc.
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer or winter themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Trees. Collage large squares of art tissue paper in assorted colors onto white background paper, cutting large triangle shaped trees from the colorful paper after it dries. Arrange the cutouts around the board, using black marker to draw branches and create "grass" at the bases of the trees. 2) The Snowflakes. Use a circle paper punch to create "snowflakes" from white card stock {or use a paint program on your computer to print circles and cut them out} and add them to the board.

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