Oh Deer! - Christmas Bulletin Board

Winter and Christmas Door Decoration and Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Megan Sims

How utterly cute is this holiday door display created by Megan Sims for her kiddo's second grade classroom?! Humorous, colorful, and festive, this would make an adorable addition to your winter and/or Christmas decor!

Oh Deer! Happy Holidays!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Oh Deer! Happy Holidays!"
  • Border: None needed. However, a simple solid color trimmer or holiday themed border could offer a great addition to the display.
  • Decoration: 1) The Reindeer. We're assuming that Megan used a personal cutting machine to create the cute cutout. If you don't -have access to such a machine, here's how we would go about creating it. Cut a large teardrop shape from brown background paper to create the body. For the legs, cut four long strips of brown paper, attaching them to the body cutout and adding hooves - four trapezoids, with a small 'accent' triangle cut out of the bottom, cut from black construction paper. As for the head, we would suggest freehanding the shape onto brown bulletin board paper or finding a clip art image online to enlarge, trace onto paper, cut and assemble. {You can find a similar look with this cutesy reindeer sale poster template we found over at Stock Layouts.} Use black construction paper to create the antlers, black and white construction paper for the eye detailing, and red construction paper to create the reindeer's nose. To finish off the reindeer accent, add construction paper accents - a tail, patches of white 'fur' for the tail and neck, a red and yellow bell collar, etc. 2) The Christmas Accents. Add a string of colored Christmas lights and string ornament cutouts through the reindeer's antlers to complete the holiday theme!

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