He's Makin' A List... Christmas Classroom Door Decoration

Santa's List Christmas Classroom Door Decoration Idea
Photo Source: dltk-teach.com | Wren

Wren, preschool teacher and featured Christmas display designer at DLTK-Teach, created this cute door display to help her students get into the holiday spirit! Super simple to create, your students will love seeing their name as they walk in the door each morning (and will certainly be excited to see it on Santa's NICE list!).

Nice List Door Display

  • Background: Use a rectangular sponge or recycled chalkboard eraser to create "bricks" on a piece of white bulletin board paper. You could also cut bricks from red construction paper and glue them to the background paper. Once dry, fit the paper to the door, cutting around the door knob and any windows.
  • Title: "He's Makin' A List..."
  • Border: The original design does not incorporate a border.
  • Decoration: 1) Santa's List. Cut a long strip of white bulletin board paper (about the width of a paper towel roll), rolling it up to look like a scroll. Secure the roll with a rubber band and leave the paper to sit overnight to get an authentic scroll "curl". Unravel the paper roll, leaving excess paper at both the top and bottom, and script the names of your students on the "list". Secure the list to the door. If the excess scroll does not want to stay in place, consider wrapping it around an empty paper towel roll - you'll get the curl at both the top and bottom, making it look like a long list of names, as well as the structure needed to keep the paper in place. 2) The Embellishments. Wren suggested adding a cutout Santa or elf for more festive flair. You might also consider adding a decorated Christmas tree - having students create a personalized ornament - or a fireplace, mantle, and stockings to complete the door display.

Overall, the design is cute and will get your students in the mood for Christmas! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave us your comments below!