Have A Sweet Christmas! Peppermint Candy Bulletin Board Idea

Peppermint Candies Christmas Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: myteacherpages.com | Vicky Moore

Christmas is the time of year for family, food, and fun - and don't forget the sweet treats! Vicky Moore, California first grade teacher and creator of the teacher page Mrs. Moore's Busy Bees, shares a great holiday themed bulletin board she found at Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards that appeals to the eyes and the sweet tooth!

Christmas Candy Crafts

The best part about this bulletin board is that you can have your students do most of the work! Provide each student with a 4" x 1" Styrofoam craft disc. Invite them to trace the disc onto a piece of white card stock, cutting out the circle. Using red card stock or construction paper, have students cut strips of paper, gluing them to the paper circle to create stripes.

Once the glue has set, have students trim off the edges of the paper strips leaving behind a red and white striped circle - reminiscent of a Christmas mint. Armed with glitter glue, a photo, and other craft materials, invite students to personalize their candy pieces - adding their picture and scripting their name. Have students mount the decorated paper circle to the Styrofoam disc.

Using pre-cut pieces of clear cellophane wrap, instruct students to place their "mint" in the center (face/striped side down), fold the wrap over the disc, then twist the excess cellophane on either side (as close to the candy as possible). Secure the sides with rubber bands. Have students hide the rubber bands with pre-cut red ribbon. They can knot it, tie it in a bow, curl the edges - whatever suits their fancy! [NOTE: For a more varied look, have students make green mints too! Or, if you don't plan to use student pictures, provide red and green cellophane wrap for extra color and variation.]

"Sweet" Christmas Bulletin Board

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Have A 'Sweet' Christmas!"
  • Border: Christmas-themed border, trimmer, or bordette.
  • Decorations: Use your students' handiwork!

Once craft time is over, "building" this bulletin board display is a breeze! Not only will you be left with a fun (personalized) display for the holidays, your students will be doing the bulk of the work during one of the busiest seasons of the year. Fun for them, and a break for you - sounds like a win-win!

Thanks for visiting our site! We certainly couldn't do it without crafty teachers like Mrs. Moore! We'd love to know how you decorate for the holidays and how you keep it stress free, so leave us a comment below.