"Don't Feed the Reindeer!" - Christmas Classroom Door Decoration Idea

Early Childhood Christmas Door Display Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: www.ironcountymcf.com

Ok, so we weren't going to post any Christmas bulletin boards until after Thanksgiving, BUT we ran across this fabulously adorable reindeer door display on Pinterest and couldn't hold out! Created as part of the Iron County Medical Care Facility's holiday door decorating contest, we thought it would make a great addition to any early childhood classroom this Christmas - it's humorous, festive, and sure to brighten the hallway!

Don't Feed the Reindeer Door Display

  • Background: Cover the top third of the door with green bulletin board paper and the bottom two-thirds with red bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Reindeer Stable...DON'T Feed Reindeer!" - We just love how the original creator has one of the reindeer covering up the "DON'T" on the sign - making it read, "Feed Reindeer"! Either create the signs using your computer or paint them onto pieces of white bulletin board paper.
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: 1) The Stable Door. Cut long strip of white bulletin board paper, adding a border to the red background paper to make it look like a barn door. Use the strips to add an "X" in the middle as well. 2) The Stable Plaque. We love how the original design makes it look like sticks have been tied together to create the plaque. Cut skinny, uneven strips of brown construction paper or bulletin board paper, fitting them around a scrap of white bulletin board paper {or your computer printout of the sign text} to create the plaque. As a finishing touch, draw and cut "X" shapes from tan construction paper {using black marker to trace them} and place them at the intersection of each "stick" to make it look like they're roped together. 3) The Reindeer. Freehand the reindeer heads onto brown bulletin board paper {they look like large squash!}, adding circle eyes and noses. Again, we love how the original design has the middle reindeer, who is covering up the sign, looking "innocently" off to the side. Create the body of the middle reindeer - using the head to determine where the "shoulders" should be and then basically cutting out an "X" shape for the crossed legs. Add antlers - drawing them freehand or finding a template online to trace and cut.