Welcome to Our Winter Wonderland Classroom Door Decoration

Winter Christmas Door Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: www.izzyshare.com | Ms. Ashlee

Looking to make a splash this Christmas season? Here is an inventive door decoration posted by Ms. Ashlee at Izzyshare! With a few classroom supplies, you too can create this festive gingerbread house and be the talk of the hall!

Gingerbread House Door Decor

Begin by papering the door (and two extra feet on either side) with brown paper. Add a window to each section, crafting it from yellow paper and using white accents to make the frames. If you desire, pull large cotton balls apart and glue them to the window ledges to create the appearance of frost. Use white paper to create snow accents where the brown 'house' meets the ground and, on either side of the house structure, place two candy-cane poles as accents.

Now it's time to move to the roof. Cut seventeen large circles from assorted colors of construction paper or craft paper placing them in two rows (8 on top and 9 on bottom) to create a patterned roof. Outline the colorful circles with white paper cut into wavy strips (about 8 inches wide). Add a gingerbread to the door and a welcoming message (e.g. "Welcome to Our Winter Wonderland") and you will have created a festive door decoration for the Christmas season!

Are there ways to improve upon this decoration? Be sure to tell us about it below!

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