Rudolph in the Dark - Christmas Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

funny Christmas bulletin board showing Rudloph in the darkThis elementary teacher was tired of intricate, time-consuming bulletin boards so she developed a funny (and very simple!) holiday-themed display that turned out to be a hit! Not only will this design save valuable time during the busiest season of the year, it's perfect for the artistically talented and artistically "challenged" alike and will provide both students and staff with a good laugh! [NOTE: This is a computer generated version of the bulletin board. We were unable to get a picture of the actual display.]

Rudolph in the Dark Display

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Rudolph in the dark...Merry Christmas!"
  • Border: The creator of this bulletin board display used extra garland. You might consider adding lights to the garland to create an extra bit of flair or adding any of the following: a pre-made winter-themed border, homemade Christmas light cutouts, homemade snowflake cutouts, etc.
  • Decoration: Use a Styrofoam coffee cup to trace and cut out a circle from red construction paper. Mount the circle in the center of the board and you're finished!

We love anything that will simplify the holidays. This board submitted to DLTK-Teach does just that! Do you have any easy {staple!} decorations? We'd love to hear about them, so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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