Having Some Reindeer Fun! - Christmas Bulletin Board Idea

Winter and Christmas Rudolph Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: littleilluminations.blogspot.com

The holiday season is a great time for fun, student created bulletin boards! We found this adorable design over at Little Illuminations, blog created by early childhood teacher, Ayn Colsh, and think it would make a fun hallway/door decoration for Christmas. Not only does it provide a fun snowy day craft for your kiddos, it's sure to be enjoyed by parents, peers, and others who venture down the hallway!

Hand Print Rudolf Crafts

Start by having a photo shoot with your kiddos, taking head shots of each of your students. Do this several days in advance so that you have time to get prints made and have them ready for assembly. A 4" x 6" print would probably work best.

Next, providing students with sheets of white card stock, brown craft paint in shallow dishes, and paint brushes - have your kiddos help each other paint their entire hand and create prints on the card stock {both left and right hands}. Setting the prints aside to dry {and taking a trip to the bathroom or classroom sink to wash up}, invite students to cut out their head shot and paste a glittery red craft pom pom to their nose. By this time, the hand prints should be dry for students to cut out and glue to their photo to create "antlers".

Your students will love seeing themselves dressed up like Rudolph!

Reindeer Fun Bulletin Board

  • Background: Red bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Having Some Reindeer Fun!"
  • Border: Christmas themed trimmer or fun pattern border.
  • Decoration: Use your kiddos' Rudolph crafts!