Holidays Recycled - Christmas Classroom Door Decoration

Christmas Holiday Recycled Door Display Bulletin Board Idea
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How fun is this recycled holiday door display from The University of Maryland library?! We think it would be a fabulous project for your middle or high school students to undertake - perhaps as part of door decorating contest between classrooms - or, for younger students, the design can serve as a reminder that everyday items can have multiple purposes!

Holidays Recycled Door Display

  • Background: Cover the top third of the door with sky blue background paper and the bottom two-thirds with white bulletin board paper to create a winter snow-scape.
  • Title: "Holidays Recycled!", "Seasons Greetings!", etc.
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: Go through your home recycling bin, collecting items for crafting - cereal/cracker boxes, pop cans, water bottles, bottle caps, yogurt cups, lids, soup cans, newspapers/magazines, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, etc. Use these items to create a winter scene. The original creators designed a toilet paper roll log cabin, a pop can Christmas tree, a bottle top snowman, magazine page trees, and a pop can bottom driveway. The possibilities are truly endless!

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