Season's Greetings Winter Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Winter Christmas Rudolph and Snowman Bulletin Board

In many cases, simple bulletin boards are the best! One preschool teacher decided to create a plain snowy landscape along with a generic heading and let her students do the rest. The result - minimal time and effort for a great looking display! Here's a look at the featured crafts...

Season's Greetings Craft Ideas

Day 1: Snowflake Crafts

  • Provide students with a thin piece of white craft paper and a pair of safety scissors. Demonstrate how to fold the paper, then how to cut designs into it. This can sometimes be a hard concept to grasp, so have extra paper on hand and have plenty of helpers on hand for guidance.
  • Create paper punch snowflakes like these at No Time For Flash Cards.
  • Have students create craft stick snowflakes. There are some great designs at Handmade Beginnings, Moore Minutes, Craft Gossip, and Craft Ideas!
  • Provide students with card stock snowflake cutouts and invite them to: sponge paint them with white craft paint mixed with glitter or collage them with small pieces of white tissue paper and spray them with glitter hair spray.
  • Create puffy snowflakes like the ones here at I Can Teach My Child.

Day 2: Reindeer Crafts

  • Using a pencil, have students trace and cut out their hand print from brown construction paper. Invite them to draw a face on their palm using a black marker and glue a large pom pon nose to create hand print reindeer.
  • Create reindeer from craft sticks like these found at Disney FamilyFun.
  • Recycle used light bulbs to reproduce this reindeer craft at Family Crafts.
  • Provide students with construction paper and other craft supplies in order to make these hand and foot print reindeer found at Amazing Moms.

Day 3: Snowman Crafts

  • Create a snowman template from card stock. With markers and construction paper in assorted colors, have students trace and cut out each piece of the snowman, assemble, and add detailing (e.g. face, buttons, etc.).
  • Provide students with a card stock snowman cut out. Invite them to collage it with cotton balls or marshmallows then decorate it using a scarf, hat, etc. made from construction paper or felt sheets.
  • Create craft stick snowmen like these found at Mama Jenn.
  • Create snowmen from recycled water bottles and tissue paper like these from the Kansas City Public Library.
  • Provide students with paper plates and create snowmen like these at All Kids Network.

Season's Greetings Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the top half of the bulletin board with light blue background paper. Design a "snowy landscape" on the bottom half using white bulletin board paper. [NOTE: You might need several layers of white paper to get the proper coverage.]
  • Title: "Season's Greetings" or "Merry Christmas", etc.
  • Border: The creator of the display used a solid color trimmer in blue, but you might also consider a winter-themed border or even a garland.
  • Decoration: Use your students' crafts!

This student-created bulletin board will certainly save time during one of the busiest seasons of the year and will compliment your other Christmas decor as well!

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