Grinch Inspired Christmas Bulletin Board Idea

Christmas Early Childhood Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Judy Serritella

There's no denying this display from Judy Serritella at Lovejoy High School grabs your attention! With the bold red and white stripes, the cutesy Christmas lights border, and a favorite Christmas character, this board would make a great decorative addition to any early childhood classroom this holiday!

Grinch Inspired Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with white background paper. Using scissors, cut wide strips of red bulletin board paper, mounting them onto the board to create "stripes".
  • Title: "Hope Your Christmas is Grinch Free!"
  • Border: Cut Christmas light bulbs from card stock, attaching them to a piece of thin black ribbon or a long strip of black bulletin board paper and arranging them around the bulletin board.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Free hand a Christmas tree shape onto green bulletin board paper and attach it to the center of the bulletin board. Since her focus was on the book and movie, Judy decorated the tree with pictures of book jackets, but you could also create card stock ornaments, lights, and garlands to put on the tree. 2) The Presents. Cut various shaped packages from wrapping paper! Add ribbon and place at the bottom of the tree. 3) The Grinch. All you see is the Grinch's arm, so begin by creating the hand from green construction paper {find an image online to trace or copy} and the arm of a Santa suit from red and white construction paper.