T'is The Season! - Christmas Bulletin Board

Christmas Tree Preschool Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: www.brilliantbeginningspreschoolutah.com

Miss. Morgan over at Brilliant Beginnings Preschool had her students pitch in and help create their colorful classroom Christmas tree display - and we think it turned out great! It certainly won't take long to create and it's super festive, making it the perfect decoration for any early childhood classroom this busy holiday season!

Glitter Ornaments

Provide your students with festive construction paper {various shades of red and green and/or patterned paper, if desired} as well as a pair of scissors, inviting them to cut out an ornament shape - a circle, an oval, a teardrop, etc. Next, using glitter glue pens, scraps of colored/patterned craft paper, and any other supplies you wish to include, have your students decorate their ornament cutouts.

T'is the Season Bulletin Board

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "T'is The Season!", "Happy Holidays!", "Holiday Greetings!", etc.
  • Border: Holiday themed trimmer or complimentary solid color printed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Instead of using the patented evergreen tree, Miss. Morgan and her students adapted their Thanksgiving tree {a bare winter tree} into a decorative masterpiece. Create your own by drawing or tracing the image of a tree trunk and bare branches onto a large piece of brown bulletin board paper. Mount in the center of the bulletin board space. 2) The Ornaments. Add your students' colorful creations, rounding out the collections with a yellow construction paper star at the top. 3) The Presents. Create several packages to set under the Christmas tree using red, white, and green construction paper. Or, consider using actual wrapping paper squares, ribbon, and bows!