"Have a Ball..." - Christmas Ornaments Bulletin Board Idea

Early Childhood Christmas Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: twothingsincommon.blogspot.com

Add a festive twist to your decorations while keeping classroom displays relevant to your lessons with a fun ornament board like this one created by Jami, fourth grade teacher and guest writer at Two Things in Common. With its simple design, it can be customized to fit any unit or concept and the ornaments can display teacher designed facts/diagrams or student created information {done as part of a review exercise}.

While it works fabulously as a review/information bulletin board, you might also consider...

  • Using the board to keep track of your kiddos holiday reading accomplishments {i.e. every time they read a book, they get to add a sparkly sticker or gem to their ornament} - "Reading is a Ball!"
  • Designing a personalized ornament for each student, including a picture and a nice message from the teacher - "You're A Ball To Have in Class!"
  • Updating your student helper bulletin board for the Christmas season - "We Have A Ball Helping Out!"
  • Infusing your behavior management bulletin board with a festive theme - "We're Having A Ball Being Good!"

Christmas Ornament Bulletin Board

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Select a title based on your intended use!
  • Border: Christmas themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Cut circle ornaments {or include various shapes as desired} from card stock in assorted colors. From a variety of sparkly/colorful ribbon, cut a piece of ribbon for each ornament, being sure to cut them at different lengths. Arrange the ribbon on the board, attaching the pieces to the top of the bulletin board and adding an ornament cutout at the end of each piece.
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