Classroom Christmas Story - December Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Christmas Story Bulletin Board Idea

Here's another great design sent in by Heather Gibbs! We love the idea of taking the format of "The Night Before Christmas" and using it to craft your own holiday story - that includes all of your students' names. It's sure to take a bit of time to put together, but we know that students, parents, and fellow staff memebers alike will love stopping by the board to read your holiday tale!

Classroom Christmas Story

As far as the bulletin board goes, here's what Heather had to say about the design...

  • [I cut a piece of] butcher paper and shaped it into a book...[then] used gold glitter on the sides so it would look like a bible. I used a rope...dipped it in glue and rolled [it] in glitter, [then] put it in middle of book to look like the a bookmark.
  • I wrote my own "Night Before Christmas" story and used all the childrens names.
  • To make the candle at the top, I used felt and [actual] crayons with the paper peeled off to create the candles on the menorah and the Kwanzaa lamp.
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