Snow-ology - Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Winter Science and History Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Glyph Girls

How stinkin' cute is this winter bulletin board {and snowman/woman glyph crafts} from first grade teacher and creator of the site, Glyph Girls, Kelley Smith?! What a fabulously fun way to herald in the season of snow!


Find various interesting facts about snow to share with your students...

  • The basics - where it comes from/how it's formed, the uniqueness of snow crystals, etc.
  • Add a little humor if you wish - maybe a funny reminder not to eat yellow snow or how to avoid the cartoon scissor-like-slip-and-fall when encountering slippery patches
  • Even bring in a bit of history into it - get stats for the worst snowstorm in your area, bringing in a visual so students can see how high the snow was, etc.

Type these various facts up, mount them onto cute patterned scrapbook paper, and display them on the bulletin board - taking time to introduce a new one every day

Snow People Glyphs

While you could come up with your own, Kelley actually offers her snowman glyph project for a reasonable price at her Teachers Pay Teachers store! Included in the packet are the patterns and writing activities that go with the bulletin board. How great is that!? We think these projects turned out utterly adorable and can't wait to try them out!

Snow-ology Winter Bulletin Board Idea

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Snow-ology!"
  • Border: We love the layered border and how Kelley stuck with the black and white tones!
  • Decoration: Create snow people of your own to decorate the board! Cut large circles/ovals out of white bulletin board paper, stacking them and using a combination of markers and colored construction paper to add detailing to the cutouts - arms, legs, a face, a hat/bow, etc. Place the large snow people on the board, add your snow-ology fun facts, and you're set for a fun winter tradition!
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