Toboggan Fun Winter Classroom Decoration

Winter Snow Bulletin Board Idea
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This winter themed bulletin board was designed by Lori Decoite - an elementary art teacher and creator of the blog, Art Class Works. It was inspired after her New Jersey home was hit, yet again, by a snowstorm - covering their world in white. She provided her students with the means to create their very own tobogganing figure, created a simple ‘winterscape’ to display the crafts, and the result was a brrr-illiant success!

Toboggan Crafts

The MPM School Supplies Blog did a fabulous job putting together a tutorial to use in directing your students’ creation of their tobogganing figures. If you plan to replicate the board, be sure to visit this post >> Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Toboggan Craft.

You might also consider adding to your winterscape (or even replacing the toboggan craft) with these craft stick sled alternatives. They're fun, easy to create, and will add a splash of color to the display! Add a construction paper sledding figure (like the one in the toboggan craft) to this craft stick sled!

Winter Bulletin Board Display

  • Background: Crumble white bulletin board paper to create a snow hill with dips, valleys, etc.
  • Title: To change with each winter unit (and to provide a positive morale-boosting message that your students can tackle anything) – “Brrr-ring On ____________ (i.e. shapes, geometry, the water cycle, etc.)”. To recognize student success and performance – “Mrs. Nelson’s Brrr-rilliant Students!”. For a library/reading corner display add a book to each sledding figure and the title - "Books Build Brrr-rain Power!". There are so many possibilities!
  • Border: Decoite didn't add a border to her board, but you might consider a winter-themed bulletin board trimmer or a complimentary solid color bordette.
  • Decoration: Use your students' crafts and add several snowflake/snowman cutouts to complete the winterscape.

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