"Life in a Snow Globe" Winter Writing Craftivity & Display!

Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

We love pairing writing activities with crafts! A little work with a little play; makes for a good balance. Not to mention, the finished products usually make for an awesome classroom display!

In search of winter writing prompts, we stumbled across this adorable snow globe writing craftivity shared by Molly over at Lessons with Laughter and thought it would make a fantastic addition to your winter lesson plans!

Snow Globe Craft

Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

The snow globes look daunting, but are actually quite simple to create!

  1. Gather your materials. You'll need clear plastic plate, construction paper in assorted colors, white craft paint, q-tips, iridescent glitter, snow glitter*, student photos, craft glue
  2. Have a photo shoot! Invite students to dress up in their winter gear - hats, coats, scarves, gloves, etc. - and pose against a white background as if they're playing in the snow.
  3. Provided with a piece of light blue construction paper and clear plastic plate, invite students to trace their plate on the paper and cut out the resulting circle.
  4. Given a copy of their printed picture, have students cut themselves from the scene and glue their picture onto the construction paper circle. [NOTE: Instruct them to glue the picture off to the side because they still need to fit a snowman in the scene!]
  5. Armed with shallow trays of white paint and a q-tip, have students add a snowman shape and dot 'snowflakes' to the scene. Before the paint dries, invite students to add a bit of iridescent glitter to the wet snowman/snowflakes.
  6. After the paint has dried, students can then add construction paper embellishments to the snowman - top hat, scarf, face, arms, etc.
  7. To create the 'snowglobe effect', have students pour a small pile of snow glitter in the center of their construction paper circle, then add a line of glue around the edge of their plate and press it onto the paper circle. A simple trapezoid shape cut from tan or black construction paper creates a base for the globe and completes the project!
Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

"Life in a Snow Globe" Writing Prompt

As they create, and later as they admire their handywork, have your kiddos think about what it might be like to spend a day in a snow globe, then invite them write about it! While Molly didn't have room to display the writing prompts with the globe crafts, we love the idea of attaching the finished prompts to the crafts and finding space in the classroom to display them!

Here's a peek at her writing prompt display...

Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

Cute Snow Globe Display

Photo Source: Lessons with Laughter

Of course, if you don't have the room, the globes make an adorable door display! All you need is some bright blue bulletin board paper, a complimentary colored/patterned border, and some snowflake cutouts!

Looks like a ton of fun! For this activity and lots of other great lesson ideas, we highly recommend checking out Molly's blog, Lessons with Laughter!