Winter Birthday Wall Bulletin Board Idea

Snowman Birthday Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Classroom Displays & Bulletin Boards | Jacie Feinberg

Jacie Feinberg, teacher at the Goddard School in Chesapeake, VA, submitted this snappy winter birthday bulletin board idea to Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards. A classroom birthday calendar can be nice, but if you have extra wall or bulletin board space, recognizing the birthday's each month in a new and special way makes your students feel valued and noteworthy.

Winter Birthday Wall

  • Background: Light blue metallic foil paper or light blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Snow Way! It's Your Birthday!"
  • Border: Plain or snowflake bulletin board border.
  • Decorations: 1) The Snowflakes. Hang pre-crafted snowflakes or create your own from white, light blue, and dark blue crafting paper. 2) The Snowmen. Create the snowmen bodies from foam craft balls in three sizes. These can be glued together using glue. For a scarf, find fabric scraps or use several strips of yarn for the fringed look. Top hats can be designed from wood accessories painted black and glued together, pieces of black felt, or even black construction paper. Add pipe cleaners (chenille stems)for arms then finish off these wintery friends by penning the name and birth date of the students turning a year older that month on a mailing label and adhering the label to the snowmen (there should be one snowman for each student)! 3) The Snow. Use quilt batting for a 'blanket' of snow or large cotton balls pulled apart for wispy snow drifts.

If you wish, this board can be 'recycled' for each of the winter months, just create a new snowman for each student. Bonus: Students can take home their snowman on or after their birthday as a prize!

We'd love to know what you think of this bulletin board idea and how you celebrate birthdays in the classroom!