Spring Birthdays Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Summer Birthday Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: http://bulletin-board-idea.com

We found this great spring themed birthday board at Bulletin-Board-Idea.com. With a mixture of colorful flowers and a fully blossoming tree, this is the perfect way to bring spring birthdays to life!

Spring Birthday Board

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Spring Birthdays!" or "Summer Birthdays!" Like the original board, you could also name the applicable months. The creator of the board used long strips of cardboard and brown craft paint {for detailing} to create the illusion that the title was painted on pieces of 'wood' and 'nailed' to the trunk of the tree. Of course, you could opt for traditional bulletin board lettering as well.
  • Border: Spring themed border or complimentary solid color trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Freehand or trace a tree cutout {trunk and branches} onto brown bulletin board paper. On green background paper, draw or trace generalized leaves/foliage for the tree (the result looks kind of like a cloud shape). If you're worried about your skills as an artist, you might try finding a black and white clip art image online to enlarge using your classroom projector system. Next, trace and cut leaf shapes from construction paper in various shades of green. 2) The Flowers. Using various flower templates {drawn or found online}, trace spring flower cutouts onto construction paper in various spring shades. In the original design, the individual petals of the flowers were cut out/separated in order to create two-tone flowers (i.e. light pink/dark pink, light blue/dark blue, etc.). Script the names of each student with a spring birthday onto a petal. Cut out green construction paper stems and leaves and mount the flowers to the board around the tree. If you run out of petals, script student names onto tree leaves.

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