Butterflies & Flowers Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Preschool Bulletin Board Idea

If your spring decor is looking a little drab, consider using this colorful flower and butterfly bulletin board idea we found at McKinley Early Childhood Center. Add some background paper and a border, along with a title, to your empty board and your kiddos will help you do the rest!

Bulletin Board Crafts

Day 1: Hand & Foot Print Flower

Provide your students with a large piece of art paper, a shallow dish of green paint, and a paint brush. Dividing your kiddos into groups of two or three, invite them to take turns helping a fellow classmate paint their foot and place two prints at the bottom of their paper {since these prints are to look like leaves remind students to position them in a "V" shape}. After proper clean-up, have students use the brush and the leftover green paint to create a stem leading from the "leaves" at the bottom of the page and ending about two-thirds up the page. Set aside to dry. Next, providing your kiddos with paint in various {vibrant!} spring shades, have students work in their small groups once again to create the flower blossom. Starting at the top and working clockwise, invite students to make a "circle" of hand prints - placing prints side-by-side with their palm toward the inside of the circle - having a friend "repaint" their hand when needed.

Day 2: Watercolor Butterflies

Provide your students with a large coffee filter, liquid watercolor paints, shallow dishes of water, and paint brushes. Invite students to "collage" their filters with the paint, highlighting how the color diffuses into the paper and mixes with other hues nearby. Set aside to dry. Armed with a wooden spring clothespin, chenille stems, and small wiggle eyes, have your kiddos create a butterfly "body". Cut the chenille stem in half, wrapping one end of each piece around a pencil or pen to achieve a slight curl, and glue these to the top of the clothespin {the end with the clip}. Add the wiggle eyes to the front and, gathering the dry coffee filter in the center, clip the clothespin to it and fan out the sides of the filter to look like colorful butterfly wings.

Spring Butterfly & Flower Bulletin Board

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Spring is in the Air!"
  • Border: Solid green sparkle trimmer or spring themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Cut out and arrange your students' hand and foot print flower crafts along the bottom of the board, then position their vibrant butterflies in the "sky" {in the air, in and around letters, on flowers, etc.}.

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