April Showers Bring May Flowers Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

April Spring Weather Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: http://room-mom101.blogspot.com

Most everyone has heard the little rhyme "April showers bring May flowers" at one point or another. This festive seasonal bulletin board from Room Mom 101, with its brilliant colors, weather theme, and age-old rhyme, makes the perfect addition to any spring decor and may just inspire an impromptu weather/science lesson. The best part is, your students will do all the work!

April Showers... Crafts

Umbrella Craft

  • Using a card stock template, invite your students to trace and cut an umbrella shape from craft paper. Armed with tempera paint in assorted colors, have your students design a custom umbrella with shapes, patterns, rainbows, etc.
  • Have students cut an umbrella shape from watercolor paper using a card stock template. With liquid watercolors, invite them to color the cutout with shapes, patterns, and designs.
  • Invite students to collage their umbrella cutouts with pieces of art tissue paper in assorted colors.

To complete the project, have students use a card stock template to trace and cut rain boots from colored construction paper. You might also consider finding a black and white print online or through your word processing software that can be printed directly onto the colored paper and cut out.

Flower Crafts

  • Similar to the crafts above, provide students with craft paper and tempera paint or watercolor paper and liquid watercolor paints, using the materials to draw a spring flower.
  • Create three-dimensional tissue paper flowers like these from Kaboose.
  • Have students create spring blossoms out of magazine pages like these from Family Fun.
  • Invite students to weave spring blossoms for the board using yarn and paper plates like these at Family Fun.

April Showers Bulletin Board

  • Background: Light green background paper.
  • Title: "April Showers...Bring May Flowers".
  • Border: Spring themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Use your students' colorful creations!

The theme of this bulletin board isn't new, but it certainly captures the science, vibrant colors, and beauty of spring! We'd love to know what you think of it, so be sure and leave us a comment below!