Paint Your Own Rainbow - Inspirational Bulletin Board Idea

Motivational and Inspirational Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
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We were thrilled when Jaime, elementary art teacher and creator of the blog, Chin Colle, gave us the go ahead to share this awesome design with our readers! Isn't it fabulous?! Not only are the vibrant colors super attractive and inviting, the purpose of the bulletin board will make it a hit in any learning space!

What does it mean to paint your own rainbow?

Here's what Jaime had to say... To paint your own rainbow means that "you reach for your goals; that you are independent; a free thinker; above peer pressure." To inspire her students to reach for their dreams, Jaime invited them to write one of their goals onto a colored butterfly cutout and place it on the board (writing side down to keep it all anonymous) as a reminder to keep working toward their dreams! We just love the concept!

Paint Your Own Rainbow Bulletin Board

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Paint Your Own Rainbow!"
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: We love how Jaime carried on the theme, creating the rainbow in the shape of a paint stroke. You might attempt to cut and piece together bulletin board paper, but we suggest using craft paint to paint the rainbow and paint brush directly onto the yellow background paper! When dry, add your students' dream butterfly cutouts to the rainbow. We just love the 3D effect!