All The Colors of the Rainbow - St. Patrick's Day Portrait Mural

Rainbow Theme St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Idea
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Natalie, art teacher and creator of the blog, smART Class, designed this vibrant display for back to school, but with it's rainbow theme we think it would make a gorgeous St. Patrick's Day display as well! Have your kiddos draw simple self-portraits for the display or you might consider... 

  • Inviting your students draw what they would look like as a leprechaun - pointed ears, hat, beard, costume, etc.
  • Having your kiddos think about their future and draw themselves through the lens of what they want to be when they grow up!
  • Expounding on the pot of gold rainbow theme, encouraging your kiddos to think about the "treasures" in their lives and draw a picture of their hero.

Rainbow Portrait Mural

Collage your students' portraits on the board - grouping like colors together and creating a rainbow effect. Natalie suggests assigning a different color for each table and allowing students to use a variety of graphic art tools - crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc. Add a homemade rainbow border or store-bought trimmer to the display and you're set! [NOTE: The rainbow also offers a fabulous theme for spring so this bulletin board is sure to get some mileage!]