Pot of 'Goals'! - St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board

St. Patrick's Day Writing Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Jenna Long

What a great take on the traditional St. Patrick's Day 'pot of gold' theme! Doubling as a gorgeous and colorful design for the holiday, Jenna Long also used this fun bulletin board as an opportunity for her second graders to show off how hard they've been working to reach their goals!

Setting Goals and Working Hard

On the left side of the rainbow, Jenna posted the specific goal her kiddos were working on and a brief description/example. In this case, she selected the goal, "Write for different purposes and to a specific audience or person". Jenna then provided her second graders with strips of colored paper and had them write a short piece for the bulletin board {practicing the posted standards, of course!}, then arranged the pieces end to end to create the rainbow! Clever, right?!

Pot of Goals!

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Pot of Goals!"
  • Border: St. Patrick's Day trimmer.
  • Decoration: Once you've created the rainbow with your kiddos' writing prompts {or evidence of another goal they're working toward}, cut a large cloud cutout from white bulletin board paper and attach it to the left side of the rainbow. This creates a place to display the specific goal your students are working toward. On black bulletin board paper, freehand or trace a large pot/cauldron cutout, adding small circles cut from yellow or gold construction paper to the top, and attach the shape to the right side of the rainbow. Fill in any 'dead space' with shamrock cutouts - purchased from your favorite teacher store or created with a downloaded template and green construction paper.