St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Door Display

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Door Display and Bulletin Board Idea
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Looking for a simple last-minute door decoration for St. Patrick's Day? Check out this adorable rainbow door created by Allyson of Stickers and Stars! The shamrocks make it perfect for the holiday and, as Ally suggests, the colorful board can serve a dual-purpose if you exchange the shamrocks for rain drops in April!

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Door Display

Cover the door with bright bulletin board paper, arranging shamrock and pot of gold cutouts in the free space. As an activity/design extension, you might consider inviting your students to 'count their blessings'; writing the various things and people they're lucky to have on the gold pieces before sticking them in the 'pot' and adding shamrock name labels. {See example below}

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft for Kids and Bulletin Board Idea
Example craftivity. Pot of gold template from and shamrock template from Spoonful

For the rainbow door 'border', freehand or trace a rainbow shape onto white bulletin board paper, using craft paint to color it in, or cut arched strips of bulletin board paper in assorted colors, fitting them together to fill in the cutout. Create two cloud cutouts from white background paper, attaching one to each end of the rainbow, and mount the rainbow cutout above the door. Finish off the display with streamers! Cut long lengths of light blue streamers and attach them to the back of each cloud cutout.