Kindness is Golden! - St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board

St. Patrick's Day Motivational Bulletin Board
Photo Source: Hannah Dixon

Check out this St. Patrick's Day bulletin board created by Hannah Dixon! How great is the scrunched background paper rainbow?! And the premise of the board is pretty great too.  Here's what Hannah had to say about it,

"Students write acts of kindness they witness on the "gold coins" staple them to bulletin board to create a pot of gold! Great for interactive social emotional lessons!"

We think this is a lovely bulletin board idea for March!

Kindness is Golden!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Kindness is Golden!"
  • Border: St. Patrick's Day themed trimmer or solid gold border.
  • Decoration: Draw or trace a large cauldron/pot shape onto black background paper. Cut strips of bulletin board paper in rainbow colors, twisting/scrunching the paper and arranging it together, in an arch, to create a rainbow. Add other themed cutouts as desired - i.e. leprechaun, shamrocks, etc.