Find Your Pot of Gold! - St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary St. Patrick's Day Motivation Craft and Bulletin Board IdeaShamrocks. Rainbows. Pots of Gold. There are so many fun decoration ideas for St. Patrick's Day! We found this fabulous craft idea over at Happy Home Fairy and thought it would make the perfect inspiration for a holiday bulletin board design!

Kindergarten St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Idea
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Treasure Pots

Get student's in a festive mood by inviting them to brainstorm the many blessings in their lives - the people, things, etc. they're thankful for. Have them transfer each item on their list to a gold coin cutout and "fill up" a black cauldron to add to the bulletin board.

Treasure Pot Bulletin Board

  • Background: Pastel rainbow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "You Don't Need A Rainbow To Find Your Pot of Gold!"
  • Border: Arrange shamrock cutouts - created from various shades of green craft paper - around the outside of the bulletin board.
  • Decoration: Use your student's pots of gold!