Decorating Your Classroom For St. Patrick’s Day

While you may desire to go to all the trouble of designing and creating your own classroom decorations for the holidays, seasoned educators will remind you that you have the best creative resource right under your nose—your students! Not only will you have successfully adorned your classroom with colorful holiday décor, you won’t have to find a place to store it after the holiday has passed and your students will have blast with its creation! Allison McDonald from FamilyEducation has designed a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day craft for classrooms that have abundant windows. Simply by using a white crayon to draw shamrocks onto white construction paper and painting over the entire surface with a thin layer of green paint, you have a spectacular sun catcher that will splash bits of color into your classroom.

To spice up a seasonal bulletin board, create a leprechaun template with thick card stock or poster board and with green, yellow, tan, and black construction paper, encourage your students to make their own leprechaun holding a pot of gold. Provide card stock for children to copy a favorite St. Patrick’s Day song or poem. Prepare the bulletin board with a rainbow and shamrock border, add a title such as “Our Preschoolers are Over the Rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day”, and decorate with your student’s creations.

Shamrock Sun Catcher Mom's Parenting Blog by Allison McDonald - FamilyEducation

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