Showers of Spring Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Weather Spring Bulletin Board Idea
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Jami, fourth grade teacher and guest blogger at Two Things in Common, designed this great spring bulletin board. She used it to display testing tips for her students, but you could certainly customize the board to fit your classroom needs!

  • Showers of Poetry. Use the board to display spring poems written by your students.
  • Showers of Helpers. Display classroom jobs and the students assigned to each task for the spring term.
  • Showers of _________. Design a review board, filling the title in with the concept being studied and inviting students to fill out raindrops with questions, important concepts, etc.
  • Showers of Spring. Invite your students to keep watch as the weather changes, filling out raindrops with the 'signs of spring' they observe.

Showers of Spring Bulletin Board

  • Background: Red bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Showers of ____________".
  • Border: Jami created a layered border using a brightly patterned scalloped trimmer and a solid complimentary color scalloped trimmer.
  • Design: 1) The Umbrella. Freehand or find a black and white clip art image to enlarge onto yellow background paper using your classroom projector system. Use a black marker to trace and bold the lines {adding design details, if desired}, and an assortment of colored markers or scrap paper to create the umbrella colored detailing. 2) The Raindrops. Create a card stock raindrop template to trace onto light blue construction paper or find a black and white clip art image to print directly onto colored paper. The raindrops can then be customized to fit the theme of your bulletin board.

This bulletin board design would make a great addition to your spring {or weather unit!} decor! Be sure to check out Jami's full post for some other fun designs!