"Sea-Sational Learning Adventures" - Ocean Bulletin Board Display

Ocean Spring and Summer Bulletin Board
Photo Source: http://www.rapides.k12.la.us/agendas/bboard.htm

Here's another fun ocean-themed bulletin board display that will help you herald in the warmer spring months with dynamic style! We found it through the Rapides Parish School Board website - the display was used to brighten up the lobby of the Hadnot-Hayes Elementary school and it would be perfect for other early childhood learning spaces as well!

Ocean Animal Crafts

Your students will be excited to learn that they will be instrumental in creating this classroom display.

  • Ribbon Octopus. Create octopus body cutouts from assorted colors of construction paper. Have students use a paper punch to create eight holes at the bottom of the cutout and tie pieces of pre-cut ribbon as "legs".
  • Textured Starfish. Create starfish cutouts from assorted colors of construction paper. Have students collage round dry cereal (like Cheerios or Apple Jacks) to the surface of the cutout to create a textured feel and appearance.
  • Suction Cup Octopus. Create octopus cutouts (these should include the body and legs) from assorted colors of construction paper. Have students use round dry cereal to create "suction cups" on the bottom of each of the eight legs.
  • Tissue Paper Seahorse. Create seahorse cutouts from assorted colors of construction paper. Have students cut a long strip of tissue paper, folding it back and forth so that it resembles an accordion. Invite them to attach the tissue paper "ruffle" along the back of the seahorse.
  • Rainbow Collage Fish. Create fish cutouts from assorted colors of construction paper. Using torn bits of art tissue paper or construction paper, have students collage rainbow colored stripes on their fish.

Sea-Sational Learning Adventures

  • Background: Cover the top two-thirds with aqua blue background paper to create water and the bottom third with natural or brown bulletin board paper to complete the floor of the "seascape". You might also consider creating the ocean "floor" with sand paper for a textured feel and appearance.
  • Title: "Sea-Sational Learning Adventures" or "Sand-Sational Learning Adventures".
  • Border: Add a large wave border to the top of the bulletin board.
  • Decoration: 1) The Seascape. Use ric rac in various shades of green as well as green construction paper cut into wavy strips of various widths and heights to create clumps of seaweed along the ocean floor. Add a bit of sand to white craft glue (if you didn't already use sand paper) and "paint" patches of texture onto the tan or brown bulletin board paper. 2) The Sea Creatures. Decorate the rest of the space with your students' sea creature creations!

Have you ever used an ocean theme in your classroom? We'd love to hear about it, so be sure to leave us a comment below!