Update - Safari/Jungle Birthday Train

Safari and Jungle Themed Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

I've been meaning to upload the photos of the finished 'birthday tracker' wall display for a while and am finally getting around to it! The kiddos have really enjoyed this design. I was unsure of my decision to mount the display at their level - afraid that they'd get too rambunctious and pull the names off - but they've done a fabulous job. In fact, it's been fun to see them perusing the names before class, during free time, etc. and they're always super careful. My assistant, Maddy, and I love helping our preschoolers find their name, as well as match the other name plates to their classmates. Most of them can recognize which circle is their own, but it's great to see them learning how to recognize/identify letters and sounds to figure out what the other name plates say!

Safari and Jungle Themed Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

If you want to know how I created this display, be sure to check out the full post --> Safari/Jungle Theme Birthday Wall.

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