Have A Ball On Your Birthday! Sports Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Sports Themed Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

Kids love to be recognized on their birthday! Melanie, experienced early childhood educator and learning center administrator, created this fun sports themed birthday board for their school's main office to help keep students, parents, and staff in the know. While it makes a great hallway display, with one simple adaptation this board could also be used to recognize classroom birthdays in style! Here's how to create your own.

Sports Themed Birthday Board

  • Background: Green bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Have A Ball On Your Birthday!"
  • Border: The creator of the bulletin board decided to leave it plain, but you could also use a solid trimmer in a complimentary color or a sports-themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Sports Balls. Create several templates from card stock. Melanie created a soccer ball, baseball, basketball, and football, but you could add others (e.g. tennis ball, volleyball, golf ball, etc.). Use the templates to create sports ball cutouts from construction paper or colored card stock. (NOTE: You might also be able to find a black and white clip-art print online or through your word processing software that could then be printed onto colored card stock and cut out.) Use a permanent marker to write the names and birth dates of your students. 2) The Banner. The banner is super simple to create. Cut several pendant shapes from red and yellow construction paper. Staple them (alternating the colors) along a piece of string or cord to create the illusion of a hanging banner.

To keep things fresh and exciting, the office birthday board at Melanie's center usually gets a theme change every season, and sports new displays from year to year, but it could also make a great (permanent!) wall decoration in the classroom!

Have you designed any sports themed birthday board? We'd love to hear about them so leave us a comment below!

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