"Whaaaaat!? It's Your Birthday!?" Minion Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Are your kiddos obsessed with minions? A birthday board is a great way to include the theme in your classroom whether you've chosen a full-blown minion theme to keep up year round or plan to incorporate a different theme! Here's a design idea from the teachers at McKinley Early Childhood Center...

Minion Themed Birthday Board

  • Background: Royal blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: The original board incorporates a simple, "Happy Birthday!", but you could also do something a bit more minion themed like, "Whaaaaaat!? It's Your Birthday!?"
  • Border: Complimentary colored/patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Minions. There are several ways to create these characters;
    • Freehand them.
    • Find a template online.
    • Find a clip art image to print or trace.
    However you decide to create them, we suggest drawing or finding three or four different design variations to keep the board interesting! You'll need 12 minions - one for each month of the year. 2) The Balloons. Draw or print balloon shapes onto brightly colored paper. Use permanent marker to write student names and birthdays onto the cutouts then attach a yarn 'string' to each balloon and group them, by birthday month, above the appropriate minion cutout. [NOTE: Attach the strings to the minions' hands to make it look like they're holding the bunch of balloons.]

And there you have it - a simple minion themed birthday board that your kiddos will love!