We're Not 'Dragon' Our Feet in 2012! - Motivational Bulletin Board Idea

New Years Motivational Bulletin Board Idea

We got this great idea from Marika, participant in Really Roper's bulletin board saying party! With the beginning of a new year, encourage your students to pull through the winter 'blahs' by recognizing great effort and those students who aren't 'dragon their feet'!

We're Not 'Dragon' Our Feet in 2012 Bulletin Board

  • Background: Lite blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We're Not 'Dragon' Our Feet in 2012!"
  • Border: Colorful print bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Find a dragon clip art image online, using your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the shape onto white bulletin board paper. Paint the cutout and, when dry, use a black permanent marker to re-trace the shape and add detailing as desired. Mount the dragon cutout in the center of the bulletin board and arrange student work and projects around it.