"It's a BRR-illiant New Year" - New Years Bulletin Board Idea

BRR-illiant New Year Classroom Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: School Bulletin Board Ideas

If you're looking for a way to welcome your students back to class after winter break, you need to check out this crazy cute bulletin board idea featured on School Bulletin Board Ideas! Not only are the smiley snowmen and snowflakes perfect for the season, we love the title's play on words. And, with a simple change of title, this board would be perfect to get you through until Spring!

Snowflake Crafts

If you would like to get your students involved, you could have them make the snowflakes instead of buying background paper that already includes them like in the picture above.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Have your students break out the folded white paper and scissors for classic snowflake cut-outs.
  • With a supply of beads in various wintry colors (white, silver, clear, blue) and a set of white chenille stems, you could create cute beaded snowflakes.
  • Cut Q-tips into varying sizes and apply a little glitter to the tips for added sparkle.
  • Arrange 4 craft sticks into a snowflake shape, cover them with craft glue and add a little fake snow to create the same lifelike snowflakes found over at Confessions of a...Homeschooler!
Classroom Snowflake Craft Idea for Winter
Photo Source: http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/

"It's a BRR-illiant New Year" Board

  • Background: If you don't have much time you can simply use a winter themed roll of bulletin board paper, otherwise, to create your own background first cover the board with light blue bulletin board paper. Second, cut white bulletin board paper to look like snowy hills for the landscape (use a blue marker to make the hills come to life).
  • Title: "It's a BRR-illiant New Year"
  • Border: Use a light blue trimmer to blend seemlessly, or a snowflake trimmer to add to the winter fun.
  • Decoration: 1) Use student made snowflakes (or you could purchase snowflake accents here if you run out of time). 2) Find a cute snowman clip-art image online. Then use your projector to trace the image onto white bulletin board paper. After the snowman is cut out, use paint to decorate him as desired and then draw in the fine details (like his cute smiley face) with a black permanent marker (make sure the paint is dry before drawing!). 3) Repeat the process for a second snowman clip art image.